Hereʻs to a walk down memory lane. This exact time last year we were standing in the biggest blue barrels of our lives in Micronesia. Big thanks to GoPro for inventing a camera that allows us to relive our dreams over and over!


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“Mavericks is one of the scariest waves I’ve ever seen. This is our boat getting caught by a rouge set! @koarothman and I are on the left side of the boat hanging on for dear life… And that’s @donkeyshow getting flung over board. Stoked everyone made it out alive! -Koa Smith

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WOOO! Haven’t seen it yet? We don’t believe you. well Here it is again ↩#SURFERPOLL

volcanic weekend

DCIM104GOPRO3 days in Paradise with Alex & Koa Smith

by Beau Flemister via Surfing Magazine 

part I A Profound and Ancient Warmth… When the boys stepped off the tarmac, they could feel the ground shudder. It wasn’t an earthquake or anything, Tahiti just has that raw sort of rumbling way about her. There is a primordial power, or vibration, or mana — whatever you wanna call it — that permeates everything there. The colors and plants and people seem to come from somewhere very deep and seismic. From below the roots. From the core of the earth. The air there smells of fruit and fragrant tiare flowers erupting in bloom. The towering mountains burst like emerald pyramids from the ground. The local people radiate a profound warmth and kindness from somewhere very deep and ancient.  Alex and Koa Smith felt it immediately. This was no weekend in LA or Vegas — exhausting and glitzy — this was a weekend in Tahiti, and a weekend in Tahiti is explosive. Volcanic.

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