#LNF’s very own Koa Smith just won the “Gopro of the World” event with a 27 barrel filmed off the coast of Africa.  


KOA: “It was hands down the best wave of my life. So stoked to have captured the entire thing from my point of view for you all to enjoy. Thanks Surfline and Gopro for putting on the event. Now it’s time to go try to win it again!” 


…a few fun facts about the wave:


– As “the wave” rolled down the point, Koa’s good friend Dylan Goodale was pumping through a 10+ second barrel. As he got closer the foam ball ate him, allowing Koa to whip around into the ride of his life. “Thanks Dylan… I owe ya one!”

– He earned $740 per second of the barrel

– 20 seconds into the barrel Koa was nearly dropped in on by a fellow surfer. He took the camera out of his mouth and screamed his loudest, letting the guy know that he was parked deep in the barrel.

– He travelled over 3 days from Tahiti to Africa to chase this swell – possibly the furthest route you can fly on earth?



Watch the full wave below, starting at the 1:17 mark. The question is, is it the longest barrel filmed in history?


WINTER. (#winteriscoming cont.)

It happens every year like clockwork – it brings waves, crazy experiences, and an overall heavy vibe into our world. We live for those things. We count down the days of Summer for it. The feelings it brings make us feel alive.


It all begins with

one drop of water off the finger tip of Mother Nature. It creates weather and the ripples eventually grow into giants. Once they hit the shores of Hawaii it creates a world that is beyond imaginable, which we attempt to bring to life in the edit above.


30 banger tracks to get you on a level for this coming Winter.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 5.16.19 PM

We teamed up with Dane Grady who’s photography style perfectly fits the “Winter Is Coming” feeling. Below is a gallery of his work paired with insight from the featured surfers of our edit. It was really cool to hear what each surfer loves most about Winter. Click play on the playlist above, scroll down and let Winter take a hold of you. *Find out how you can win one of Dane Grady’s images to hang on your wall below…