Meanwhile in Africa…

The mysteriously perfect waves of Africa reveled themselves to us once again! -Alex & Koa SmithIMG_0050

The Crew: Koa Smith, Alex Smith, Benji Brand, Koa Rothman, Davey Brand, Anthony Walsh and Alex Gray.Screenshot 2016-04-25 12.38.55

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Happy Holidays! Alex & Koa Smith

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Alex & Koa Smith


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an unforgettable 2 months through 9 magical islands of Indonesia w/ Alex & Koa SmithMUJBo4kIrthfTgAeN7XeRLYrwdNS2OgUN2HXs3thPd4,PWaOANUCTD9pjGpXhKzc77ozARG3m_pArk_K3NktlCQ

This is about following a calling into the unknown, to a place we thought only existed in dreams.