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We are excited to announce the official launch of #TeamLNF!
Team LastNameFirst is an exclusive ambassador club which serves as a creative area for us to collaborate with like-minded individuals. There are so many talented people out there who don’t have the proper channel to get there work known. We want to collaberate with you in creating unique content to filter though this website. This is a chance to get your name known and to work with us on a personal level. Come jump in with us and join our movement as we grow our brand to new levels! Guess what - your all invited…

We are offering our ambassadors exclusive edit previews, free product, special contests and much more.

If your interested please email us for more information ✓


We challenged our ultra talented up-and-coming #teamLNF editors to create a 15 second insta-edit that best encapsulated the LNF lifestyle. We offered them special prizes as well as a feature on LNF. What came out the other side was epic! You can watch all the entrees here, then click play on the winning entry below by Jack Germain ☟

We choose Jack for our first ever team LNF challenge winner. He successfully used hard-hitting creative flair that got us inspired to live life to fullest. The only thing that sucks about this video is that its only 15 seconds. Hey Jack, can we see an extended version? Be sure to check the rest of Jack‘s work here and here. Kid kills the instagram game too. Join the 35K others who follow him here.

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hello youtube, itʻs nice to meet you

LNF videos are now live on brand new youtube channel. Subscribe here. Enjoy!

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Right where i want to be -Koa Smith follow @Koatree_ on Instagram for more moments like these ↑ #lnflife


Inspire Action by LNF 

Our newest addition to LNF is the “Inspire Action” category. This is something Koa and I have been wanting to do for a long time. Our goal with this is simply to address issues that conflict with our beliefs, things like the reef dying, horrible food that is deemed okay to eat by society, nuclear waste creeping out into the Pacific – the list goes on… Thing’s that are scary to talk about. So are these things even happening? We’d like to ask these questions to people who specialize in these fields. We are in search for un-governmented answers. Answers that lead to solutions. This will now be our space for raising awareness.


At the tip-top of our list of things we care about is our home, Kauai. This tiny speck of volcanic rock in the middle of the Pacific has given us everything. We all have slowly begun to learn of Kauai’s purity being seriously threatened by agricultural biotechnology corporations (Monsanto, Syngeta, Dow). These companies are taking huge monetary gains over the health of our sacred island. Their actions are absolutely ridiculous and finally someone is doing something about it…


There is still hope for Kauai and he is pictured below. His name is Dustin Barca and he is willing to go to great lengths (even death) to fight for what he loves most. We were very lucky to be invited into his home in the middle of his run for Mayor to pick his brain. Enter the mind of Barca and learn how he plans to take action below ↴