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Imagine overhearing your biggest hero spilling his deepest knowledge for hours straight. That’s exactly what a podcast is… We’ve been throughly enjoying episodes lately (through the podcast app on the Iphone) while killing time on the road. Here’s my favorite 8 podcasts that made me look at life differently. Click each person’s name or photo to be linked to podcast episode.

1. Rick Ruben, Music producer, Zen mind

What I liked about Rick’s podcast was his patience and clear answers to such deep questions. He’s seemed to figure out life more than most… It’s cool when he talks about recreating natures perfection through his clients and how he get’s them to express their best work.


2. Josh Waitzkin Chess prodigy, learning expert

Josh has a beautiful mind. It’s incredible how he’s systemized learning and related it from chess to Tai Chi, both in which he’s world champion. His unique approach to raising his son is notable.  I highly recommend listening to both of his episodes. (2nd episode)

3. Wim Hof The ICEMAN


Wim Hof is a mad man from the Netherlands who invented his own breathing method that has allowed him to consciously tap into his autonomic nervous system. He has over 20 Guinness World Records for withstanding extreme temperatures. He climbed Everest and Kilimanjaro in only shorts and shoes, stayed comfortably in ice baths for hours, and ran a full marathon in the highest desert (122 Fahrenheit) with no water & food.

Last winter we learned his method and have practically been addicted to it because of how good it makes you feel. It’s completely mind blowing what changing your breathing pattern can do. It’s helped push us to our potential in every aspect of life and we don’t really get cold anymore.

If you want more listen to his 2nd podcast with Tim Ferris 

4. Scorpion Genius

Holy SHIT… Simply put, the smartest person I’ve heard speak. His IQ measured one of the highest ever at 197. He provides intelligence-on-demand as a concierge service, which means he along with team of geniuses can solve any problem. Listen to some of the problems he’s solved from breaking up marriages to protecting the united states from attack. It’s a real life movie, James Bond shit. This one will open your mind.

5. Jamie Fox Actor, Musician


How can you not love this guy? The way he switches characters while telling his story is hilarious! His stories of growing up tough, throwing legendary parties in Hollywood and stand up comedy are amazing. This is one I’d listen to multiple times.

6. Jason Silva  “A Timothy Leary of the Viral Video Age”


This guy thinks outside of the box… and everything he says is so true. He covers everything from transhumanism, reincarnation, the ego and more. Check out his epic youtube channel for more flow state truth rants – Shots of Awe.

Get ready, were going real deep…  

7. Alberto Villoldo on Shamanism & Energy Fields

My favorite health related podcast of all time… Alberto uncovers our spiritual potential for healing and transforming our lives using shamanic methods. Open your mind and dive into this one…

8. Alex Grey. Visionary Artist Praying_detail1

Get ready for a mind bending psychedelic trip. I enjoyed listening to Alex and his wife’s perspective of life from a highly spiritual level. His outlook on creativity is especially interesting. If you’re not into this kind of thing don’t even click play haha


Are there any podcasts that changed the way you look at life? Comment your recommendations below…



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