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We’re back from our blog vacation with a fresh perspective and upgraded web design.

During our time away we’ve become obsessed with upgrading life with a thing called Bio Hacking. Bio Hacking is about reaching full potential in the most efficient way possible and getting more out of life. We’d like to share this new knowledge on our upgraded website, which is now mobile friendly and has a comment section. This is going to make it easier to communicate with you, so as we post lets share experiences and help each other evolve.  LNF is firstly our canvas for our creativity, so hopefully that increases as we get deeper into the rabbit hole, which means more action here soon! 🙂


-Alex & Koa Smith 
  • We’re now mobile friendly. About friggen time!
  • We’re accessible at
  • We’ve enabled comment sections on all posts. Let’s talk!
  • We’re going to start posting about what we really talk about. Get ready 🙂

Thank you.


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